Treating a Minor Dental Fracture with a Dental Filling

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Dental fractures that affect a tooth’s enamel layer can vary in size and severity. Some chips and minor dental fractures might not cause any sensitivity or pain. Yet the tooth should still be examined and treated by our dentist, Dr. Jeremy Johnson before a cavity can develop in the compromised surface.

If the biting surface of a tooth hasn’t been compromised, the dentist might be able to treat the tooth by installing an amalgam dental filling. This special dental material is created from a blend of dental metals that are dark in color and known for durability. Before placing the filling, the dentist will need to remove a small amount of surrounding tooth enamel. This is intended to prepare a surface for the new filling. Once the filling is in place, it will help maintain the tooth’s structure and function. In the future you might want to take steps to address the initial cause of the dental fracture. Curtailing bad habits like chewing on foreign objects or using a night guard when you sleep can help prevent new dental factures. This could also help preserve your newly repaired tooth.

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