Timing Sweets

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During this holiday time of year, a number of us enjoy time with friends and family eating special meals and enjoying foods. However, this increased chomping time can have a negative effect on your health, and if you’re not careful, all that additional snacking can result in cavities or gum disease. With a tiny bit of careful timing, you can drastically decrease your odds of forming cavities and periodontal disease.

Did you know that saliva production grows when you eat your meals? This extra spit protects the teeth by washing out debris from the teeth. If you were to consume the majority of your snacks around your meal times, that additional saliva would help to save your teeth from the sugar in the treats. Instead of eating finger foods and snacks for hours on end this New Year’s Eve, try planning your snacking time around your meal-time hours to protect your teeth; your teeth will be glad that you did.

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