Some Things You Might Not Know About the Health of Your Smile

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At the dental practice of Monroe Smiles, our dentist, Dr. Jeremy Johnson seeks to help our patients living in the Monroe, Washington, area have the healthiest smile possible. Today we are going to offer you some food for thought about your oral health. Let’s take a look!

Did You Know?

-Seeing your dentist twice a year is actually a conservative estimate because, in just 90 days, the bacteria removed during your professional cleaning has already recolonized and is working on harming your teeth and gums. In fact, routine dental cleanings can be viewed as necessary as having regular haircuts!

-If you are someone who suffers from dental anxiety, you are not alone. But, with today’s modern advances in dental sedation, dental anxiety one of the easiest conditions to manage. Whether it is oral medication, nitrous oxide, or anesthesia, dental visits can be comfortable and relaxing so that you can receive the quality care you need.

-Routine dental visits allow us to spot problems early and before they require invasive treatment. This is important because most dental problems are painless in the early stages. In fact, cavities and gum disease don’t cause pain in the beginning, so by the time you feel pain, you may already have an infection. In addition, early treatment is least costly and invasive to treat.

-Often the worst bacteria lodges between the teeth where the surfaces touch, so when you brush you are reaching approximately 50% of the bacteria on the teeth. When you floss, you are able to reach the other 50%.

-There is a possibility that gum disease is a sign of heart disease and it has to do with inflammation. Inflammation of the gums can travel to the arteries of the heart from plaque. Keeping your gums healthy may also benefit your heart!

-Your smile reveals your habits, as your teeth will display signs of habitual soda or coffee drinking. Your smile will also reveal stress levels, whether you are bulimic, if you consume a poor diet, have acid reflux, among others. Tooth stains or discoloration, bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching), gum recession, acid erosion, bad breath, are all indicators of what is happening to your smile.

If you would like more information on how to keep your smile healthy or want to schedule your next visit, please call 360-799-5348 and let us help you keep your smile as healthy and bright as it can be!