Kicking the Thumb Sucking Habit

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Many young children suck their thumbs. If its something your child is doing, there is no cause for alarm. It is a natural thing for babies, and most kids grow out of it by the age of four, or when their permanent teeth start to come in. But if your child shows no signs of stopping, then there are steps you can take to solve the problem. Continued thumb sucking can alter the roof of your child’s mouth, and can cause her permanent teeth to come in at incorrect angles.

Thumb sucking may be the result of stress. You may want to start by talking with your child to see if she is experiencing any anxiety, and then find ways of reducing her stress. If your child is old enough, you may want to involve her in finding ways to help her kick the habit. If she cusks her thumb during the day, you can try giving her things to do that involve using her hands, such as arts and craft projects. If she sucks her thumb while she is asleep, you can try putting her to bed with a glove on her hand. One of the best things you can do to help your child get past thumb sucking is to give her plenty of praise and encouragement.

If you have tried everything you can to help your child stop sucking her thumb, and nothing has worked, then it is time to see our dentists, Dr. Johnson or Dr. Irwin. The dentist can talk with your child about the problems that thumb sucking can cause, and help you find some new solutions to the problem. If you need help with your child’s thumb sucking in Monroe, Washington Monroe Smiles can help. Call 360-799-5348 today and we’ll be happy to schedule you for an appointment.