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Dental Implants

Permanent Restoration to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Implants are the most advanced form of tooth replacement available. They are now regarded as the standard of careImplants are the most advanced form of tooth replacement available. In fact, they are now regarded as the standard of care. Although Dr. Johnson does not surgically place implants (he works with a local surgeon who does), we do offer fixed implant restoration services, like fixed implant crowns and bridges, at our Monroe dental office.


What do dental implants have to offer, that other types of tooth replacement options do not?

The ability to replace as many teeth as necessary
A restoration that has the highest success rating of any dental procedure
Results that last for life
Stronger bone throughout the jaws
A minimally invasive option that does not impact other teeth

Implants are independent, prosthetic teeth. Each one is made of a titanium root that is placed into your jaw, like a real tooth. As new bone forms around it, the implant is permanently stabilized within your jaw. On top of the implant, we bond the permanent crown or dental bridge. This prevents Dr. Johnson from having to alter adjacent teeth in order for a bridge to be placed.

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

3D rendered image of teeth, gums and dental implantNot everyone used to be a candidate for dental implants, but thanks to advancements in technology, many more people now can be. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson to find out if implants might be the best restorative option for your smile. He will also discuss other options like partial dentures, fillings or bridges – so that you make an informed decision about the solution that is right for you. Call us today!